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Logo tree Landgasthof zum Grünen Baum, Pappenheim

Tips to your stay at Pappenheim

Walks and Hikes - via our house hill

Start: Landgasthof zum Grünen Baum

  • Weinberg with a splendid view over Pappenheim and the river Altmühl
  • Weinberg - down to the Göhren valley - back via Beckstraße
  • Weinberg - "Roter Schlag"
  • Weinberg - village Göhren

Pappenheim's walking trails

  • Pappenheim Pappenheim's castle
  1. Castle tower, botanic garden and hunting museum
  2. Guided sightseeing tours
  • Museums: Museum
  1. Europa-Haus
  2. Stadtmühle
  3. Straßenmuseum
  • Boat hire Altmühl: boat
  1. Kanadier, Kajak, equipment info
  • Tennis: tennis
  1. Several tennis grounds
  • Swimming: swimming
  1. Open air swimming pool
  • Climbing garden: climbing
  1. Waldklettergarten
  • Churches church
  1. Protestant and Catholic services
  2. Willow church (church in the Green)
  3. Sankt Gallus-Church
  • Others:
  1. Various events at Pappenheim and the surrounding districts
  • Winter activities:tobogan
  1. sledging and skiing (practically behind our Landgasthof)
  2. unofficial toboggan run for adults Info

Town visits by train: train

a) Nürnberg with VGN-Ticket

  • Old Town with Imperial Castle
  • Doku-Zentrum = Documentation Center
  • Museums
  • Trip into the Past
    around the former Reichsparteitags­gelände by bus
    Wednesday to Sundday: start 11 o'clock - duration: 1 hour
    Start: Dokumentations­zentrum Reichsparteitags­gelände, Bayernstr. 110,
    Tickets on board of the bus and at the Tourist-Info, Am Hauptmarkt 18
  • - Please inform yourself whether this tour is still up-to-date! -

b)Augsburg with Bayernticket

  • Goldener Rathaussaal
  • Augsburger Puppenkiste
  • Fuggerei